Old Navy Outlet

Old Navy is great for kids and kids across the nation are either back in school, or are just about to head back. That means time for parents to cough up money for supplies, as well as the inevitable batch of new outfits their little ones will need to look their best for the new school year. With the current economy taking a bit of a beating, money is tight for most families, and if more than one kid is headed back to school, then money becomes a major issue. Outlet stores are a great way to find huge savings on brand name clothing, and the savings don’t come much better than at the Old Navy Outlet.

Old Navy has long been recognized as a store that offers quality products at prices that are way below that of their competitors. The outlet version of the store carries, not only new fashions, but those which have been discontinued, or are from the previous year’s line-up. Many of these come at a deeply discounted price, which means much more bang for your buck.

The Old navy line has clothes for all seasons, and visiting the outlets at different times of the year is a great way to load up on clothes that are out of season; For example, sweaters may be deeply discounted in summer, with shorts and swimwear being your best sale bet in the colder months. Even without then huge clearance prices, jeans, graphic tee’s and athletic wear can be picked up at a fraction of the cost of even the big superstore chains, and with a far better quality of clothing to boot. With a little careful shopping it may even be possible to pick up numerous outfits for all your kids for the price you would normally expect to pay for just one of them.

The only problem you might run into when it comes to the outlet stores, is locating one that is close to you. Unlike the regular Old Navy stores, which show up in just about every major mall, the outlet stores are usually confined to outlet malls that are normally found on the outskirts of major cities. This can actually work in your favor though as there are a collection of stores that sell at outlet prices, which could help you save even more on school supplies etc.

The easiest way to track down your nearest outlet store is to visit the Old Navy official website and use their store locator, which is broken down by regular and outlet. Sure, you may have to take a little road trip to visit your closest Old Navy outlet store, but the saving will make that trip worthwhile, and perhaps you’ll save enough money on the kid’s clothes to be able to pick up a new outfit or two for yourself.